A comparison of two candidates for governor democratic nominee phil bredesen and republican nominee

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2018 Midterm Elections - Aftermath and 2019 off year races

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Eighth 2 Senate race:.

Blackburn, Bredesen win big, set for TN Senate showdown

Mar 30,  · Despite Kansas’ Republican leanings, Democrats see an opportunity after Brownback’s difficult two terms, especially if a controversial GOP candidate such as Kobach wins the GOP nomination and. Nov 03,  · After beating running mate John Edwards, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and other candidates in the primaries, he became the Democratic nominee, with his challenger being Republican incumbent President George W.

Bush in the presidential election. The former two-term governor, who would be the first Democrat to win a Senate campaign in Tennessee since Al Gore in if he’s victorious, has run TV ads in which he says that he’s “not.

Tennessee women slow to back GOP's Blackburn in Senate race

As he mingled with supporters at a soda fountain in Moultrie, Mr. Kemp, in jeans in a pair of wine-dark cowboy boots, made the “deplorables” comparison explicit. “It sounds like Casey Cagle’s gotten like Hillary Clinton,” he said, adding “I would ask all those crazies to vote Brian Kemp for governor in the Republican runoff.”.

The decision by Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah to retire has teed up Mitt Romney -- the Republican presidential nominee turned leading intra-party critic of President Donald Trump -- to run for a.

It wasn’t quite the Blue Wave some were expecting, but Democrats wrested control of the House back from Republican hands on Tuesday, helped by a record surge of women and minority candidates.

A comparison of two candidates for governor democratic nominee phil bredesen and republican nominee
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‘A new day in America’: Record number of women win seats in U.S. House | The London Free Press