An introduction to canada and its nation

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The Nation’s coverage of civil rights and race relations

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What is the Difference Between a State and a Nation?

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Canadian History/Introduction

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French Canadians

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History of Canada

And as a small nation, we can learn many lessons from Canada. Incidentally, as a Sinhalese by ethnicity, I feel that it would be great, if I could find, through this website, an Acadian person to correspond with, in both French and English.

Introduction. First Nations in Canada is an educational resource designed for use by young Canadians; high school educators and students.

Aboriginal communities; and anyone interested in First Nations history.

Its aim is to help readers understand the significant developments affecting First Nations communities from the pre-Contact era. Jan 17,  · Introduction. The Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, which has been in the works sincereceived a major setback on June 23 with the federal court of.

Canada is a land of vast distances and rich natural resources. Canada was founded in and retains ties to the United Kingdom through the Commonwealth agreement. Canada has strong historic ties with both France and the United Kingdom and has traditionally supported and sided with these nations. Canada has since served in over 50 peacekeeping missions, including every UN peacekeeping effort untiland has since maintained forces in international missions in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, and elsewhere; Canada has sometimes faced controversy over its involvement in foreign countries, notably in the Somalia video-accident.comg code: +1.

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An introduction to canada and its nation
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