An introduction to the early peruvian cultures and their history

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Introduction to the unknown civilizations of Peru

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Andean civilizations

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History of Peru

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Culture of Peru

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Glass conditions create serious pointing hazards. The culture of Peru was made by the relationship between mainly Amerindian culture with Colonial Spanish influences and very loose Asian influences. The ethnic diversity and rugged geography of Peru allowed diverse traditions and customs to co-exist.

The Chavín culture, flourishing from the 10th century BC, has long been considered the first civilization of south America. But in recent decades archaeologists have revealed far earlier centralized societies in the Norte Chico region of Peru, along the Supe river.

Find out more about the history of Inca, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Despite their power, the Inca were quickly overwhelmed by the diseases. This changed in when, in an effort to promote cultural pride among the indigenous population as a means to increasing their stake in Peruvian society, the military government declared Quechua an official language along with Spanish.

Peruvian History Peru is the 3rd largest country in South America with the 5th largest population (

Inca Empire

The western side of the country borders the Pacific Ocean while the land borders the South American countries of Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The history of Peru spans 4 millennia, Not all Andean cultures were willing to offer their loyalty to the Incas as the Incas expanded their empire, and many were openly hostile. A history of Peruvian literature (Francis Cairns, ) Werlich, David P.


An introduction to the early peruvian cultures and their history
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Peru Summary: History, Culture, Wildlife, Climate & Cuisine