Crowdsourcing and product design

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How To Effectively Crowdsource Product Design

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List of crowdsourcing projects

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List of crowdsourcing projects

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Fiat crowdsourced the quote of the Fiat Mio by letting readers to the website submit your ideas. 3. Crowdsource (OneSpace) Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website.

This site is specially good for writers, copy editor and moderator. You will find here small tasks like image tagging, categorization, transcription, writing answers and writing product description etc which don’t take much time and skills.

Crowdsourcing New Product Design and 3D Modeling

The company uses social media in really creative ways, crowdsourcing opinions to decide which products should be made. Online democracy is essential to StyleFactory’s production and sales. Product design, also known as industrial design is the process of identifying, investigating, and validating the problem, and crafting a design that solves that problem.

Product design involves a cross-section of skills, including graphic and visual design skills, user research, data analysis, prototype design, and business strategy. Crowdsource your design today!

10 best legitimate Micro Jobs sites to Make Money Online

Our crowd of talented graphic designers make it super simple. DesignCrowd offers the best design crowdsourcing for logo, web and graphic design. To answer the most vexing innovation and research questions, crowds are becoming the partner of choice.

Apple has turned to large numbers of users and developers distributed around the world to. 5 Examples of Companies Innovating with Crowdsourcing.

There is an abundance of options available to organizations when it comes to crowdsourcing - that is, putting tasks or questions out to a large group for their input.


Objectives could be brand awareness, demand validation, customer or citizen engagement, user-centered product.

Crowdsourcing and product design
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Eleven Secrets of SaaS Product Design