Employment and hockey sticks

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The tournament is largely about maintaining the joy of playing hockey for the participants, and about getting together with friends, family and old teammates and adversaries.

NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION: Click the link to setup an account to register for Hatfield Ice Programs: NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION GUESTBOOK: To receive news, updates and information on Hatfield Ice, join our newsletter by clicking here: HATFIELD ICE GUESTBOOK WAT CH GAMES LIVE & ON DEMAND: Hatfield Ice Arena is now a LiveBarn Venue!

Click to find out more: LiveBarn @ Hatfield Ice. The Thomas James Knox Rink in Westerville is offering a place for young people to be introduced to outdoor hockey as a team sport.

Windsor, N.S., Canada “Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored.” – Aldous Leonard Huxley. Ice Hockey is a Canadian game. Total Dutch Field Hockey is a Field Hockey organization for players in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania!

Total Dutch Field Hockey offers a year round program for all ages and all skill levels. The Hockey Shop is the largest independent hockey retailer on the West Coast of Canada offering top brands like Bauer, Vaughn, Warrior, Brian's, CCM, Gongshow,True, Sher-Wood and many more.

Supplying hockey equipment to every continent; we have the finest selection of gear available.

Employment and hockey sticks
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