Ethnocentrism and the moral codes of foreign cultures

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Culture in the Courtroom: Ethnocentrism and Juror Decision-Making

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Russia’s Right Turn

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This means the moral codes of a culture can be defined and an expectation implemented that people follow it.

17 Cultural Relativism Advantages and Disadvantages

Although other cultures may not setup such a restriction, and others might say such a restriction isn’t a true form of cultural relativism, people in such a system can.

Sep 09,  · Hastie and Pennington further remarked that many cultures pass down moral codes through storytelling, and that some dispute resolutions also involve stories describing the proper conduct. Hence, jurors’ views of a morally defensible act may be driven by cultural moral codes.

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Contrary to ethnocentrism, cultural relativity allows for the understanding of variations among culture and was brought on in response to ethnocentrism. It is the notion that an individual human’s beliefs and behavior should be understood by others in terms of that individuals own culture.


Moral Relativism is generally used to describe the differences among various cultures that influence their morality and ethics. According to James Rachels, because of moral relativism there typically is no right and wrong and briefly states: “Different cultures have different moral codes.” (Rachels, 18) Various cultures perceive right and.

Ethnocentrism and the moral codes of foreign cultures
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