Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs

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How Marketing Discovers Customer Needs

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Consumer Needs & Marketing

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Does Marketing Create or Satisfy Needs?

Define marketing and identify the diverse factors influencing marketing activities. LO1 Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs.

Distinguish between marketing mix factors and environmental forces. MAIN CUSTOMER NEEDS AND MARKETING TECHNIQUES TO DISCOVER THEM. Latent Needs/Observation Technique. These are hidden customer needs, such as problems they face, but have not yet realized.

Marketers should keenly observe the consumer in their natural setting to see or hear frustrations and longings. Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs. The first objective in marketing is discovering the needs and wants of consumers who are prospective buyers and customers.

This is not easy because consumers may not always know or be able to describe what they need and want. I want to say in this part of the work that marketing sometimes reflects (it is possible to say satisfies) the needs and wants of customers and in some cases it shapes (or creates) consumer needs and wants.

All they need is little bit of the consumer’s time and freeze the realistic thinking ability. The marketers are like farmers who plant the seed and wait to reap the fruits over a period of video-accident.comore Companies like Apple have planted the thought of “not enjoying a daily experience” if one does not own an I PHONE but little do most people realize that they.

Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs. The first objective in marketing is discovering the needs and wants of consumers who are prospective buyers and customers.

This is not easy because consumers may not always know or be able to describe what they need and want.

Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs
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