Fortnum and mason food writing awards and grants

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Chloe is a regular juror at the Academy of Chocolate Awards (AOC. Prestigious store Fortnum and Mason has been selling its famous blends of teas for over years, so it’s no surprise that it considers this loose leafed beverage its “greatest love of all”. The popular food writing salon will be hosted by Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly on 7 November, featuring Kitty Travers of celebrated La Grotta Ices, poet Nikita Gill, St Leonards co-owner Jackson Boxer, award-winning food writer Elisabeth Luard, and current Financial Times restaurant critic Tim Hayward, among others.

Nigel Slater (born 9 April ) is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster. He has written a column for The Observer Magazine for over a decade and is the principal writer for the Observer Food Monthly supplement. Walker Slater produce ready-to-wear and made-to-measure tweed clothing.

They live and breathe tweed. Tweed in all its weights, colours and textures. And in twenty years their love of tweed has taken them from the Highlands of Scotland to the opening of shops in Edinburgh’s Old Town and Fulham in London.

'Gather' was nominated for best debut cookbook at the André Simon awards, as well as being nominated for best cookbook of the year by the Guild of Food Writers.

Williams Murray Hamm

' Gather' won best debut food book at the Fortnum and Mason food and drink awards in May

Fortnum and mason food writing awards and grants
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