Hard disk drive and uncle 27th

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Hard disk drive

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Sep 02,  · Ok so i done a clean reeboot of my pc and i only had 1 hard disk drive which was the c drive and then my uncle added the d drive on computer management and he made the c smaller because when i went on my computer before it always used to say 30gb free of gb thats just an example and now the gb bit has show more Ok so i done a clean reeboot of my pc and i only had 1 hard disk Status: Resolved.

In a conventional hard disk drive, data is written to and read from a surface by way of a series of magnetic heads attached to an arm.

An actuator moves these heads up and down, usually as one group. In it’s first year, the optical drive failed, the hard drive failed and the OS bombed a few times. Figuring I was “unlucky”, I continued on to buy a $ MacBook Pro. 4 months later I’m facing at the least, a failed OS and possilbly another failed hard drive.

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Hard disk drive and uncle 27th
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