Harm reduction and substance abuse

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Harm reduction: An approach to reducing risky health behaviours in adolescents

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Harm reduction

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5 6. A substantial knowledge base exists for policy-makers on the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of strategies and interventions to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm, 1 and, with better increased awareness, there are increased responses at national, regional and global levels.

This acclaimed clinical guide, now substantially revised and updated, has helped thousands of clinicians put the proven principles of harm reduction into practice with therapy clients who have substance. Harm reduction. The goal of the Four Pillars Drug Strategy is to reduce harm to individuals and communities from the sale and use of both legal and illegal substances.

Addiction Treatment Alternatives: The Way to Harm Reduction

Substance abuse is an unhealthy pattern of alcohol or drug use that usually leads to frequent, serious problems.

Harm reduction and substance abuse
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