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The 30 Best Hospitality Programs in the United States

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Hospitality: A world of opportunities for young entrepreneurs

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Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality and Tourism

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The paper presents the results from a survey among students in undergraduate programmes in tourism and hospitality and discusses the experience of International University College, Bulgaria. Practical issues in teaching entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality are also discussed.5/5(1).

The Cornell School of Hotel Administraion offers entrepreneurship courses focusing on the hospitality industry. The MA in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry gives a new perspective to the vital role and effective practice of entrepreneurship in one of the most dynamic, unpredictable and fast-changing industry sectors in the world.

THE AMITY ADVANTAGE. World-class Faculty who have developed over 1, case studies, bought across 62 countries by over institutions and corporates. Intensive Industry Interaction – Students have interacted with over 1, corporate leaders & 50 global management gurus. Kerala: India's Superbrand.

Selected from brands in the country the Super Brand status bestowed on Kerala is a tribute to its impressive growth rates and increasing popularity. The paper analyses entrepreneurship as a module/subject in undergraduate programmes and its educational aspects. The paper presents the results from a survey among students in undergraduate programmes in tourism and hospitality and discusses the experience of 5/5(1).

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