How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view

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John Locke

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Gods existence in descartes and lockes point of view

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You can't prove beyond all possible doubt that unicorns or fairies or (unfortunatley) God doesn't exist. If that means you can't prove anything does exist beyond possible doubt then so be it.

1 day ago · Thomas sees More as having a genuine metaphysics of time, which developed from an early doctrine indebted to the neo-Platonism of Plotinus to a later view in which eternal duration is literally an attribute of God.

The point holds for other ideas, such as the idea of God, which Descartes explicitly lists in the above passage.

Descartes' Theory of Ideas

the view is that the idea of God contains a level of objective reality that is greater than that contained in an idea representing a finite substance. “the only immediate objects of my sensory awareness” is again.

Probe founder, Jimmy Williams, looks at evidence for the existence of God from multiple, non-biblical sources. Pantheism is similar but insists that since God does not exist, nature is imbued with “god” in all its parts.

God created the universe. This view, Theism. "God can’t possibly exist given the evil in the world!" “Can God exist?” We often ask this question as we look at the suffering and pain around us, and the question that is really on the heart is, “How can I come to understand how God is love when there is this suffering?” which is a different question.

It’s important to recognise that there are these two questions. The first definition of an agnostic theist (who regards the existence of a god or gods as unknown or inherently unknowable) is contrary to a strong belief in God, while the second definition (agnostic regarding the properties of the god or gods that they believe in) is contrary to monotheism.

How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view
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Gods existence in descartes and lockes point of view