Mongol empire and silk road

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The Silk Route of the Mongols

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Mongolian Period of the Silk Road

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The Silk Road, under the Mongols, ended in Italy, whence the riches of the Mongol Empire found their way to the rest of Europe."Tartar cloth" is mentioned not only by Dante and Boccaccio, but by Chaucer, and many examples of it have been found in Europe.

The Mongol Empire revitalized trade on the Silk Road, stretching Chinese silk as far as the shores of Italy. The global impact of the trade and conquest led by the Mongols was the last wide-spread, land-based global exchange known to mankind.

In the Mongol period the Great Silk Road was dominated by state heirs of Genghis Khan. Golden Horde had been recieving all benefit from.

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the establishment of a strong Mongol empire throughout Asia gave rise to safer routes of communication between distant communities which aided the propagation of ideas and goods trough the Silk Road.5/5(4).

Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire (Mongolian: Mongolyn Ezent Güren Western explorer Marco Polo traveled east along the Silk Road, and the Chinese Mongol monk Rabban Bar Sauma made a comparably epic journey along the route, venturing from his home of Khanbaliq (Beijing) as far as video-accident.coml: – Avarga, – Karakorum, – Khanbaliq (Dadu).

The Silk Road, under the Mongols, ended in Italy, whence the riches of the Mongol Empire found their way to the rest of Europe."Tartar cloth" is mentioned not only by Dante and Boccaccio, but by Chaucer, and many examples of it have been found in Europe.

Mongol empire and silk road
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