Tata motors acquisition of jaguar and land rover

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Tata Group's Growth Strategies

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Tata Motors’ new SUV to be called ‘Harrier’; launch in Q1 2019

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Though there was initial skepticism over an Indian company owning the luxury brands, ownership was not considered a major issue at all.

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Acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover by Tata. In Tata acquired the two iconic British brands Jaguar and Land Rover from the American automaker Ford Motor Corporation.

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Tata Motors today acquired the Jaguar Land Rover business from the Ford Motor Company for a net consideration of $ billion, as announced on March 26, in an all-cash transaction.

Jaguar Cars

Ford has contributed about $ million to .

Tata motors acquisition of jaguar and land rover
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Tata Motors' Acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover|Business Strategy|Case Study|Case Studies