Trifles sheriff and mrs wright essay

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The Name “Trifles” and Its Significance

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Wright who is in jail for the length of her husband. Examination of Mrs Wright in Trifles by Susan Glaspell The play?Trifles?, by Susan Glaspell, is an examination of the different levels of early ?s mid-western farming society?s attitudes towards women and equality.

One of the most important characters in Trifles is Mrs. Wright, yet she never appears on the stage. Why did Glaspell leave her out of the play?

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In this essay, the sheriff. Two women accompany them: Mrs. Hale, the farmer’s wife and childhood friend of Minnie and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife. While the men search the bedroom and. During the investigation the sheriff and squad of detectives are clueless and unable to find any evidence or motive to directly tie Mrs.

Wright to the murder. They are baffled as to how he was strangled by a rope while they were supposedly asleep side by side.

These trifles proved to be the evidence that she had actually killed Mr. Wright. The women discovered the truth as the men searched in vein for concrete evidence to show to the all- male jury.

The feminist theme is also illustrated in comparing Mrs. Minnie to the dead canary. The characters in the play are the sheriff, the county attorney, Hale, Mrs. Peters, who is the sheriff’s wife, and Mrs. Hale.

The sheriff and the county attorney are there to investigate, while the women, who belong to the Ladies’ Aid, are there to gather some of Mrs. The scene of Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles” is set in a gloomy, unkempt, and now abandoned farm house.

The town sheriff, the county attorney, and Mr. Hale along with the sheriff’s wife and Mrs. Hale, a neighbor, enter through the kitchen.

Trifles sheriff and mrs wright essay
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Essay on Gender. Research Paper on Trifles